Petit amour

Petit amour


This petit heart is just perfect for your big love! But be quick only a limited number of these lil’ guys in stock!

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Glowing hot pink, This lil’ heart punches way above his weight. Made with white flexible neon tubing, The Petit Amour heart glows pink when turned on. This light uses a specially designed solution that replaces traditional glass neon signage using a combination of flexible neon tubing and light-emitting diodes.

Size: 22cm x 19cm. Each light comes with 2 meters of transparent power cable that connects to any regular electrical socket through a AC/DC 12V power supply adapter - safe for indoor use.

Please note this lights comes with no fixtures to secure to the wall but we would recommend using some double-sided tape to secure to the wall(not provided)

All our lights come with a UK 3-pin mains plug as standard. bag&bones lights adhere to IEC 60598-1: specifying general requirements for luminaires, incorporating electric light sources for operation from supply voltages up to 1,000V. The requirements and related tests of this standard cover: classification, marking, mechanical construction, electrical construction and photobiological safety. All of our products contain the necessary CE mark.

UK: Please allow 4-5 days for delivery. ROI: Please allow 5-7 working days for delivery. International: Please allow 7-10 day for delivery.