Whether it's a brand logo or slogan, a favourite lyric or quote - or even that trademark catchphrase everyone knows you for - we can work with you to bring your vision for your customised light to life.

Design Considerations

If the light you have your heart set on contains text, please consider which type of font style you like best. We have lots of examples of previous lights on our instagram, so head right on over there for some inspiration. If you like something in particular, give us the heads up and we can then do our best to design yours in a similar style.

And if what you're lusting for is a specific graphic or logo, email us the artwork and we'll do everything we can to replicate it. Just bear in mind that Simplicity of Design is King when it comes to LED neon lighting, and that there are some limitations to our designs given the uniform thickness of our LED neon tubing.


All of our lights are mounted to a clear acrylic backing sheet that is either cut to the same shape of the tubing (cut-to-letter), cut to the rough shape of the tubing (cut-to-shape) or cut to a solid sheet. Where possible, we always recommend minimising the acrylic as the lights tend to look their best this way. However, font style has a big impact on which of the three routes is feasible, with fully cursive font styles working best when cut-to-letter. The mounts of all lights come with pre-drilled screw holes for mounting to the wall


We have a wide selection of colours to choose from - our full range is shown below. Please consider if you'd like your light to be colourful or white when turned off, as that will help detemine your choice. Please note that colours may vary from what you see on your screen, 
and that the intensity of LED neon is heavily influenced by the ambient lighting conditions, meaning the light will look paler in bright light and more intense in darker conditions. And remember... LED neon by its very nature is bright (and beautiful!). If you'd 
like to add a dimmer to your order (there's an additional cost of £75 for this feature), please let us know in advance of placing your order.



Cables & Wiring

Each of our lights comes with 2m of transparent cable, which connects to an AC adapter, which in turn connects to a 3-pin UK plug as standard - there's over 3.5m of cable length in total from plug to light. If you require another plug type, just let us know before placing your order.

Many of our customers have chosen to chase cables into their walls, but this is not a service we offer and we'd recommend you speak to an electrician if you're planning to go down this route. The light's AC adapter (example pictured below) should always remain easily accessible should it ever need to be replaced in the future.






Examples of our Work

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