Clear Acrylic Backing Options



If you select ‘Solid’, your customised light will come mounted to a solid, clear acrylic backing sheet with curved corners (see above image for reference). There will be pre-drilled screw holes in each of the four corner areas for mounting to the wall. Solid is often the best option should you wish to prop your light against a surface, rather than secure it with screws.



If you select ‘cut-to-shape’, your customised lights will come mounted to a clear acrylic backing sheet that has been cut to the approximate shape of the LED neon tubing. If your light includes more than one word, the light will be supplied in parts that can be easily connected together using connecting cables (supplied and see above image for reference). Each piece of acrylic will include pre-drilled screw holes for mounting to the wall. This option minimises the amount of acrylic on display, and is considered by most to be more aesthetically pleasing in most cases.